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It was a great pleasure for me to teach at the TBSA summer class for a second year. The week of teaching – the advanced level 2 class, the meditation sessions, and being a guest speaker - was undoubtedly one of my most rewarding experiences, in large part because the students were so responsive and engaging, as well as being very conscientious and hard-working.


My classroom was the new U Silananda Hall, an excellent teaching facility with many state-of-the-art built-in features: an overhead LCD projector for slide, audio and video presentations from my laptop, a large power-driven projection screen, and a surround sound speaker system.


In addition to U Silananda Hall, the dedicated hard work of the monks and volunteers was awe-inspiring. I would like to provide a few examples. Ashin U Osadha made all the executive planning decisions on behalf of TBSA, but he was also present at every event to oversee the actual details. For example, a new addition to this summer’s program was the daily 11:00 AM meditation class which I led; each day Ashin U Osadha was present for many minutes before and after 11:00 AM – thus making him late for his lunch – to see that all students had adequate seating.


Daniel Bomya, who handled much of the administration, was present every day, and in addition to using his organizing and managing skills to make the summer program run well, he also used his culinary skills to ensure healthy meals for the students. Earlier in the year, Daniel also created a TBSA summer class website at http://tbsastars.ning.com which now contains many pictures of this year’s summer students and events. The other teachers were also very dedicated; most of them have served as TBSA summer teachers for many years. The kitchen volunteers were very experienced, too, and cooked from early morning into the evening to provide delicious meals and snacks for the students, volunteers and visiting families.


Because of the inspiring conduct of all TBSA Summer Class participants, I look forward to the opportunity to teach at the TBSA summer class next year.


Li Chan