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Theravada Buddhist Novice Ordination And Monk Ordination
  authored by Sayadaw U Jotalankara  in English & Pali language is now available online.
"It is about the proper procedures for novice ordinations and monk ordinations. It includes the three steps of novice ordination, a novice’s precepts, duties, expulsion from novice-hood, punishments, customs for naming monks and novices, or nuns, the five fulfilling conditions to become a monk, a monk’s precepts, the confession of two monks, the procedure of Aggasamodhana-Parivasa, Manatta, and Abbhana, six factors of renouncing monk-hood, various requisites, four divine abodes, five contemplated things, five kinds of signless things in advance, and more.  And also, I put “THE MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS” of the Sayadaw U Silananda into this book in order that the readers of it may learn to practice meditation easily."    Sayadaw U Jotalankara