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Automated Driveway Gate Installation

It has been 10 years since Dhammananda Vihara was relocated from Daly City to Half Moon Bay.   There are improvments at Dhammananda Vihara every year with contribution from the community.  Recent improvements are construction of a new playground and renovation of kitchen. 

TBSA is planning to install an automated driveway gate as the next step.  It will help secure the peaceful environment of Dhammananda Vihara where monks, nuns and mediatation guests resides.

The estimated cost for the new gate is about $20,000.  TBSA would like to ask contribution from the community in this opportunity.

Letter of Honor for Dr. Julie Han

TBSA's past vice-president Dr. Julie Han passed away Tuesday night, September 19, 2006.  A memorial service was held on Sunday September 24 at El Camino Memorial Sorrento Valley Chapel in San Diego.

Dr. Julie Han was an active member of TBSA executive committee, taking the role of vice-president and fund raising.  She was instrumental in bringing a successful Theravada Vihara to bay area community.