Sayadaw is scheduled to undergo surgery to remove the brain tumor tomorrow, (Tuesday) April 12th, 2005 at 12:00 noon at Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City, California.  The primary care physician and the neurosurgeon checked Sayadaw today and they declared that Sayadaw is fit and ready for the operation and they advanced the surgery date by one week which was originally scheduled for April 18th.
At this time, I would humbly request all Dhamma Friends and devotees of Sayadaw near and far to pary for a successful operation.  I will update Sayadaw's health condition to you after the surgery.
Sayadaw willl have to stay at the hospital for a week.  Any volunteers who would like to attend Sayadaw during day or night can contact Sayadaw U Osadha at the monastery.
With metta,
Myat Htoo