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Dear Dhamma Friends and Devotees of Sayadaw Dr. Silanandabhivamsa,
This morning, Sayadaw said that he would like us to spread a personal message on his behalf to thank all his devotees who attended him and wished him well.  We are all delighted and elated with joy to hear those words of appreciation spoken by Sayadaw himself which reflected to us that Sayadaw's memories are still vivid and he is well on his covery. 
For breakfast this morning, Sayadaw consumed one can of Ensure, a half cup of Quaker Oatmeal with milk and some slices of orange.  He also said that the food taste better than before, which means that he is regaining his sense of taste.  The attending nurse also checked his awareness by asking him a few simple questions like where he is, what month it is, what year it is and he answered all questions correctly.
On behalf of Theravada Buddhist Society of America and attending Sayadaws,  I humbly thank you all for your loving kindness towards Sayadaw and your fervent prayers for his successful surgery and speedy recovery.
With ananda metta,
Myat Htoo