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Dear Dhamma friends,

Yesterday, U Osadha, U Nandisena, Kung, and myself accompanied Sayadaw to UCSF (University of California at San Francisco) Medical Center Neuro-Oncology Services Department for a consultation to get a second opinion on the treatment for Sayadaw's condition.  UCSF is one of the leading medical facilities around the world in treating neuro patients.  We've met with Dr. Michael Prados who is treating patients with similar diagnosis as Sayadaw.

Kaiser had already transmitted Sayadaw's medical history and records to UCSF earlier.  We brought Sayadaw's MRI and CT scan films on the CD's with us for Dr. Prados to examine.

Dr. Prados said that at Sayadaw's age of 78 and with his current physical condition he would not recommend Sayadaw to undergo chemotherapy treatment. He added that, at this age the benefit from chemo is not significant (only a few weeks prolongation) compared to it's side effects.  Sayadaw is frail and he would not withstand the side effects of chemo.  He would recommend to undergo radiotherapy alone for Sayadaw.

I asked Dr. Prados about UCSF's clinical trial experimental drug called "Tarceva" for Glioblastoma Mutiforme (GBM) patients.  He said it has more severe side effects than chemo, and hence Sayadaw would not qualify for that experimental drug.

He also said that he is treating a patient with similar diagnosis as Sayadaw who is a doctor and age 75.  He has given radiation treatment alone to that patient and he is still surviving more than 2 years now. 

Dr. Prados will report his recommendations to Kaiser Neuro-Oncologist Dr. William Huang.  Dr. Huang, in consultation with Sayadaw's PCP and us, will make the final decision and will develop a treatment plan for Sayadaw immediately.

Now, there is a ray of hope shining on Sayadaw that the tumor will retreat by the radiotherapy and Sayadaw will live for a few more years of quality life.  Sayadaw's condition improves steadily day-by-day.  The nasal feeding tube has been removed now and he can eat soft food and drink liquids by himself.  He is aware of what is happening around him and recognizes the
people who came and pay their respects to him.  He can walk by himself with a minimal help.

I am sorry for my delay in updating Sayadaw's health condition for I can do this only during the weekends.  During weekdays, I have to go to my work and attend Sayadaw after work until about 9:00 pm every day and arrive home around 10:30 pm.

With metta,
Myat Htoo