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Dear Dhamma Friends,

After consulation and seeking second opinion from Dr. Prados of UCSF, we have discussed with Sayadaw's Oncologist Dr. William Huang and PCP Dr. Karen Ou-Yang.  As I have reported to you in my last update, a decision was made not to administer chemotherapy to Sayadaw. The first radiation appointment was on May 12, '05 at Sequoia Hospital.  However, the day before the appointment date, Sayadaw experienced bowel disorders and subsequently the appointment was canceled.

During the following week Sayadaw has developed some fevers.  Sayadaw's body temperature fluctuated as days went by.  The new appointment date for radiation was on May 19, '05.  We took Sayadaw to Sequoia Hospital and the Radiologist tried to administer radiation on that day.  However, in the radiaton room, Sayadaw would not lie still even though he was strapped down on to the radiation table with velcro tapes.  He was constantly moving and trying to remove the velcro straps by himself.  The radiologist tried to calm him down for a while but finally gave up and said it was very dangerous to give radiation to a moving person's
head even though his head was clampped down.  We were all surprised by Sayadaw's action in the radiation room since he is normally very calm and peaceful person and he already gave a firm "Yes" answer to Dr. Huang to take radiation. At last, we took Sayadaw back to the monastery without radiation.

On the same day, in the evening, Sayadaw's body temperature rised up to 103.6 degrees F.  We notified Dr. Huang and he advised us to take Sayadaw to ER immediately.  ER doctors made some tests and took x-rays on Sayadaw and was initially determined that he was having some infections in lungs and pancreas.  X-rays later revealed that Sayadaw has fluids in the
lungs, meaning that Sayadaw is having pneumonia but no infection in pancreas.  Sayadaw's oxygen level also dropped down to dangerous level.  Currently, Sayadaw is in the Intensive Care Unit and under 24-hour close observation.

At this time, the doctors don't know if Sayadaw could ever undergo radiotherapy even after he has recovered from pneumonia.  Sayadaw will need to build up his strength before he can take the radiation.

Please continue to pray for Sayadaw for a speedy recovery.

With metta,
Myat Htoo