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Dear Dhamma Friends,

Sayadaw's condition got worse today.  This morning the oncologist Dr. William Huang called me and said Sayadaw's blood oxygen level went down further to a more dangerous level even though he is under a full blast of 100% oxygen through the mask.  He is getting confused, agitated and restless which is the sign of oxygen depletion in his system.  The doctor on duty in the ICU made a quick blood oxygen test which confirmed the monitor reading.

The oncologist said he has no choice but to put Sayadaw on the respirator machine.  He further explained to me that the ARDS which Sayadaw is suffering is not responding to any of the lastest state of the art antibiotics that are being given to him.  The sad news is that Sayadaw has very little chance to recover from this very bad pneumonia.  The good news is that Sayadaw's all other organs except the lungs are free from infection.

Sayadaw is now under heavy sedation in order to give him a complete rest.  Please keep on praying for Sayadaw since he needs metta from all of us more than ever at this very critical time.

With metta,
Myat Htoo