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Dear Dhamma Friends,

Sayadaw's condition remains the same during this week.  He is still in the ICU breathing with the help of a ventilator machine since he is stricken with ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).  His blood oxygen level fluctuates.  Sometimes the machine has to pump in 80% oxygen and in other times its needs to pump only 40% which is the same as room air.

At this time, doctors are trying to get Sayadaw recover from ARDS, however, it is very difficult to determine how long it will take.  Hopefully, a combination of broad spectrum antibiotics and anti-fungus medication which has been prescribed to Sayadaw will take care of the ARDS quickly and he will come out of the ventilator machine shortly.

In paying homage and to glorify Sayadaw, there will be a 3-day continuous chanting of Patthana (Pa-htan) by 5 Sangas starting tomorrow at the SSF Kaiser Hospital ICU.  One sanga from Boulder Creek Taung-Pu-Lu Monastery, 1 from Fremont Kusalakari Monastery, and 3 from Half moon bay Dhammananda Monastery will participate in this event.  Sayadaw's devotees will volunteer their time to take care of transportion and for food and Navakamma offerings to Sangas who participate in this chanting.

Devotees near and far can also participate by chanting the Parittas at home during this event.  The combined power of Parittas will assure to quicken Sayadaw's healing process.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who have sent me e-mails and gave me encouragement and good advise in treating cancer.  I would also like to appologize for I cannot reply to them individually.  At this moment, we are fighting to get rid of ARDS from Sayadaw's lungs.

With metta,
Myat Htoo