During the Second World War, the late Shwe Hintha Sayadaw gave his
personal robes to a temporary novice/monk saying that the latter would
be able to propagate the sasana and urged him not to leave the order.
That was a "turning point" for the better of Theravada Buddhists in
Burma/Myanmar and beyond.

    Instead of pursuing a college degree, Ashin Silananda went on to
study Pali and the ancient languages under the Theravada
scholars/sayadaws, practice meditation under the guidance of the late
Mahasi Sayadaw, write/edit texts in Pali, Myanmar, and English, ...,
and make numerous dhamma duta missions all over the world. For his 75th
birthday, "Taya Oo" (Buddha's first sermon) -- also Saya U Silananda's
firsr publication -- was handed out as dhamma dana. The book also
contains Sayadaw's biography. Though he cared not for fame, he had won
numerous titles and awards, and is recognized for his prowess in
pariyatti, paripatti, and pariveda. 

    Sayadaw was too kind and gentle to refuse offers to conduct courses
in Abhidhamma, Dhammapada, ... vipassana (insight meditation). He took
long journeys which many younger people find hard if not impossible to
endure. He was an avid reader, writer, editor, teacher, ...