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Dear Sayas and Colleagues,

   This update is dedicated to Sayadaw U Silananda, Chief Resident
Sayadaw, Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay and the Spiritual Director
of numerous Theravada Buddhist societies in Myanmar/Burma, USA, Canada,
Jamaica, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, ...

   Sayadaw has served as the Rector of Theravada Buddhist Missionary
University of Yangon since December 1998.

   Though he cared not for fame, he was awarded Aggsmahapandita in
1993, Aggamahadhammajotikadhaja in 1999, D; Litt (Honoris Causa) in
2000, and Abhidhaja Aggamahadhammajotikadhaja in 2005.

   Although Sayadaw was appointed as Shwekyin Nikaya Sangha Nayaka in
1999, he preferred to be known as "a Theravada Buddhist Monk from
Myanmar/Burma". He mused, "Why should we talk about sects [especially
here in the US]? Theravada monks from all sects should be united in
their endeavor to propage sasana".

   Sayadaw has conducted numerous courses ranging from the Fundamentals
of Buddhism to consecrastion of sima, Dhammapada, the Four Foundations
of Mindfulness, and Abhidhamma (Ultimate Realities) and meditation
retreats all over the world. Numerous non-Buddhists attended his

   Even though Sayadaw was afflicted with a life-threatening
tumor/cancer, he never complained. When an attendant monk asked Sayadaw
about his health condition, he replied, "I have some difficulty
breathing, but that's OK. We have to be mindful till the final day. I'm
not sure when that day will come, but I don't think it's too far away."
He is a true believer of kamma and vipaka.

   Yours truly served as an editor of the Dhammananda Newsletter and a
content provider for http://www.tbsa.org