(DECEMEBER 16, 1927 - AUGUST 13, 2005)

U  => Universally acclaimed as an outstanding Theravada saydaw and Pali scholar
S  => Sixth Buddhist Council Chief Compiler, Pali-Myanmar Dictionary Editor, Pali canons and the commentaries

I  => International Theravada Buddhist University Rector Taught courses including "Consecration of Sima"
L  => Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta) in "Protective Verses" [book and audio CD]
A  => Author of numerous books in Myanmar and English including "Four Foundations of Mindfulness"
N  => Noble teachings, Youth courses, Introduction to Buddhism, Dhammapada, "Taya Oo" (First sermon on the Four Noble Truths), ...
A  => Agghamahapandita awarded for his wisdom and profound teachings
N  => Numerous Dhamma Duta Missions all over the world
D  => Dhammananda Vihara center for spreading the sasana work in the Bay Area and beyond
A  => Abdhidhamma (Ultimate Realities) courses in Myanmar and English