Update (August 29, 2005)

Dear Sayas and Colleagues,

    A quick update.

           Feedback: Sayama Daw Tin Tin Myint (Emma, ChE)

   I have been a regular vipassana meditator for the past decade. I 
have attended 10-day retreats. Always the days have a pattern.
   The first day is very keen. I promise myself I will work very hard.
   The second day is why am I here. I have many things to do. Wrong
wrong wrong.
   The third day is working very hard. The samadi builds up. Then I
always feel very very sad. I remember sitting and crying one whole
session. The teachers told me that it's because I carry the emotional
burden inside me, not necessarily from this life alone, may be from
previous last lives as well.
   I was taught forgiveness meditation. I had to do it a few months
till the sadness vanished. Then only my practice progressed.
   Oh you want to know the rest of my days.
   On 5th and 6th days, I am a very good yogi. Nibanna is in sight, may
be this session, may be tonight, may be tomorrow, I work very hard,
hardly sleeping.
   Then on the 7th day it gets tedious.
   8th day is very tired, all the aches and pains. Is there another
easy way to Nibbbana I wonder. After all people nowadays are much
   9th day, the end is near.
   10 day hooray!!I made it. I wonder when I can come for 10-day
retreat again.


                        by U Tin Htoon (Arch)

Dear Sayadaw & Dhamma friends,
    At the end of Sayadaw U Silananda's Abhidhamma lectures given in
the large auditorium of the Manjushri Buddhist school in Singapore, the
three Abhidhamma lions viz. L to R: Sayadaw Rewata Dhamma, Bhikkhu
Bodhi & Sayadaw U Silananda seen signing the book "Comprehensive Manual
of Abhidhamma". Since Singapore is known as the Lion City, thus the
caption of this photo featured in "Lotus Commemorative Issue",
published for the first anniversay of the passing away of Sayadaw U
Rewata Dhamma.

     This book was the outcome of the revision of Ven Narada's "Manual
of Abhidhamma" for a reprint. Bhikkhu Bodhi was the Editor of the
Buddhist Publication Society of Kandy, Sri Lanka. The idea occurred to
him to draw in Sayadaw U Rewata Dhamma as a collaborator in composing
an explanatory guide to the Manual. Bhikkhu Bodhi also included
detailed charts and tables that had been devised by Sayadaw U
Silananda. Thus, the final book was so different from the original that
it was renamed as "A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma".

     Sayadaw U Silananda gave Abhidhamma lectures in Singapore in three

series spread out over a year and a half, and in December 31st, 2001 he
gave the concluding lecture. Sayadaw U Silananda used the book that
Bhikkhu Bodhi has revised for his lectures. Bhikkhu Bodhi attended
Sayadaw U Silanada's lectures. Sayadaw U Rewata Dhamma was present on
the last day and they signed over 400 books. After the signing of the
books they brought in the New Year 2002.

    Now both Sayadaw U Rewata Dhamma and Sayadaw U Silananda are no
longer with us but we will always cherish their Dhamma talks.