Update (March 5, 2006)

    Despite the inclement weather, most invitees showed up at the
special meeting at Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay.
   Ko Kyaw Teza (Terrence), secretary and work horse of TBSA for
nearly a decade, related the achievements during the tenure of U Myat
Htoo: notably the successful completion of the construction project
after surmounting seemingly endless obstacles; physical, spiritual, and
monetary support for the propagation of the sasana in the San Francisco
Bay Area and beyond; dhamma dana publications of the works of the
resident sayadaws, ...

    Attending to Sayadaw U Silananda's health last year had delayed U
Myat Htoo's request for "retirement" after 10 active years as TBSA
President, and to serve only as an Adviser (Nayaka). Due to health
concerns, U Myat Htoo recently reiterated his desire to retire.

    Who can fill in his shoes? There are surely lots of young,
energetic individuals, but they would need some time to adapt and lead
the largest Myanmar Theravada monastery and congregation in the West.
The Sayadaws' short list consisted of old core Executive Committee (EC)
members. After days of deliberations, the Sayadaws requested Ko Stanley
Khoo, a semi-retired Master Mariner who runs his own consulting
business, to take the helm.

    At today's meeting, the Sayadaws, Ko Kyaw Teza, Daw Wai Wai Lwin,
and several devotees recounted the experience and dedication of Ko
Stanley Khoo.
    - He helped raise the first $435 as seed money to register TBSA as
a non-profit organization and "sponsor" Sayadaw U Silananda [who was
then "a week away" from "non-voluntary" return to Burma/Myanmar.
    - His brothers and cousins form a core group that pooled their
resources with other devotees to help Sayadaw U Silananda stay in the Bay
Area to teach, write, and lead meditation retreats and conduct dhamma
   - He served TBSA in various capacities: Secretary, President, ...
   - He helped bring over "a ton" of Sayadaw's books at a "token" cost
   - He helped bring over the "Palin" for Dhammananda Vihara
   - He organized the "Scattering of the ashes" ceremony for Sayadaw U
   - He helped write the constitution/bye-laws of TBSA
   - He continued to give counsel to the ECs [as acknowledged by Ko
Kyaw Teza

   Ko Stanley Khoo was unanimously elected as the new TBSA President.
In his acceptance speech, he thanked all those who have helped TBSA
over the years. With team work, he is convinced that TBSA can be taken
to new heights.

   We urge readers to compliment Ko Stanley Khoo for his role as a
co-founder and Past President of TBSA, later as a sustaining
supporter/advisor, and last but not the least as the newest TBSA
President. One Sayadaw likened the event to a "shining star that came
back with splendor after 20 or 25 years".

   Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.


That's all for now.

With metta,
Hla Min