The young adults and children, who attended the first ever "Summer Dhamma Camp" at Dhammananda Vihara, were shown viedo clips of Venerable Sayadaw U Slianandabhivamsa giving his "last public lecture" at the World Buddhist Summit held in Yangon. They were then asked to express their views about Sayadaw. The following are excerpts from their essays.

I think the honorable Sayadaw U Silananda should be appreciated deeply for all his achievements. He was probably the greatest man anyone has ever known.

I think Sayadaw U Silananda is a very peaceful sayadaw who does not worry about fame or fortune. He fair and unselfish. In the speech he did not include himself or anything about him. He spoke only about World Peace.

Many words come to mind when I hear the word "Sayadaw U Silananda". Wise, peaceful, and I can go on a whole page of adjectives. Sayadaw U Silananda is a man I can truly admire. He has moved me spiritually and physically.

Sayadaw must have been intelligent and fearless to accomplish the deeds no one even thought of doing. He is fluent in many languages: Myanmar (Burmese), English, Pali, Sanskrit, ...

I like him because he is simple. He is a great teacher. It is easy for his followers to understand his teachings. I am simple too, just like the words that I wrote.

Sayadaw is an excellent speaker. He had complex speeches, yet he made them simple to follow. His simplicity is truly astonishing. His humbleness leaves me speechless. His intelligence is mind-blowing. He has spread dhamma around the globe using various forms of communication [including the Internet]. He has preached the Four Noble Truths around
the world.

The way Sayadaw acts like an ordinary monk captures my attention. When I approach a very important person, I have a fear that I might say the wrong thing. Since Sayadaw acts like a regular monk, it would be very easy for me to approach him.

Sayadaw helped not only Myanmar (Burma), but the whole world by teaching the Pali language [and its place in Theravada Buddhism]. He did not brag about his achievements [for example as a Chief Compiler of the Tipitaka Pali-Myanamar Dictionary for the Sixth Buddhist Council]. He did not act superior than the rest of the monks. Thus, he was an
excellent example for everyone.

Even though Sayadaw has passed away, his teachings remain. He will be revered and remembered through the Internet and many of his books.  I am very honored to be staying [and learning dhamma] at this very own building that was built to honor his gratitude.